Personal Project


Raise awareness for the topic of why women still called as a bitch in popular culture.


Bitch means "female dog" according to Oxford dictionary.


We replaced word bitch with a gif of the dog to show the original meaning of the word. For fun, we created a website where viewers can watch 25 different music videos by pressing different keyboards and by sharing the button they tag the artist with the prewritten tweet. This project is live, we are planning to make a Google Chrome extension which censors the word bitch automatically. This campaign is live. Our next challenge is to build a Google Chrome extension which will automatically show the dog GIF fullscreen, everytime the artist say word Bitch.  The website works on desktop and mobile - please check the website here.


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Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 21.45.41 2.png

Concept, art direction: Anastasia Pasechnik
Concept, art direction: Mariana Von Fedak
Copywriter: Karl Whalle
Copywriter: Andrew Weissman
Tutor: Rodrigo Moran (SVP Edelman NY)