I always enjoyed listening to stories about people's passions. 


So I thought why not to record the most interesting conversations?

And that's how this project was born!

Creative Talks

Honest chats with artists, filmmakers, innovators, and interesting folks about their passion, success, failures, work, and the process behind it. 🎊🎬🔥👀

Episode 01: Antonio Velez on contemporary photography.

Antonio is a Berlin-based contemporary photographer from San-Francisco. We talked about his experience of finding a personal style and the importance of being consistent in taking photographs, despite the lack of inspiration. 

Episode 02: Wouter Rentema on music production.

Wouter is a Berlin-based music producer from the Netherlands. We talked about his path from a professional drummer to being a music producer, his struggles to find a work-life balance and the process of writing scores for films. 

Episode 03: Reva-Ifeoma Ochuba on social technology.

In 2017 Reva successfully launched her fashion brand Ifeaoma, in her native San-Francisco. Despite all the success (for example being featured in the article "Upcoming designers to watch" in the New York Times ), she decided to quit and moved to Prague to start a new adventure as a cultural technologist in social media startup. 

Episode 04: Fabio Mota talks about  Cinematography.

Fabio is a London based cinematographer from Portugal. We talked about the pre-production process, the crazy unexpected events that happened in his career, and his recent documentary about a scandal beauty contest.

Episode 05: Oli Frost on personal projects.

Oli is a London based creative who is the creator of a project "Oli Frost defrost the World" where he talks about the importance of acting towards climate change in a smart and hilarious way.